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Hi there. 

Thanks for stopping by Redeeming Community Ministries website.  If you’ve stumbled on to this site then you have already made the first step in healing your relationship(s).  I’m glad you took the step and I look forward to walking with you through this process. Much of your pain is not your fault. It came from someone else and it’s embedded in you. There is hope.

ANGER: The Real Cause – No One Can Make Me Angry
One of the greatest obstacles to our happiness is that we believe we actually understand the cause of our anger. Our mistaken perception makes all...
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ANGRY BRAIN – How does your brain work?
An angry brain is one that has programmed you to do some or all of these things: Consciously and subconsciously get angry at moment's noticeBecome...
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ANGER – Let’s understand your anger.
Who hasn't felt anger? We all did. Anger is an emotion necessary to our survival and yet when it is out of control we get...
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